CHARACTER: Senator Christopher Everett

Senator Christopher Everett was born and raised in Austin, Texas. After scooping up just about every track & field award imaginable in both secondary school and his beloved UT Austin (Ask the good Senator to show you how to do ‘Hook ‘em Horns!’), he married his high school sweetheart, Molly. They are proud parents to twin boys, who both served in WW3. After landing a college PR internship with the Mayor of Austin, Everett decided to run for office himself, first serving on a local school board, then continuing on to serve as Governor of Texas and then a US Senate seat. He’s served on too many committees to name and oversaw the Post-War Reconstruction Committee, where he was asked to join the Justice Reform Committee at its inception.

PLAYED BY: ric starnes

After a 30 year absence from the theater, Ric auditioned for a show at Hale Center Theatre in West Valley. Since then, he’s performed in ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘Beau Jest’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, ‘Tuck Everlasting’, ‘Newsies’, ‘Bright Star’,  Dr. Manette in ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. and has currently Played Captain Smith, Titanic the Musical. When not on stage, you can find him outdoors doing almost every sport imaginable (including a few you may not have heard of!)

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What do you hope people will get from listening? 
Ric's Answer:
I guess one thing is that no one should be subjected to the type of treatment our characters face and that there is a community of people who provide incredible support.