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How do I cope with the pain after abuse? Is moving on even possible? How do I stop obsessing about my abuser? How do I keep myself safe from my current or future abusers? Only you can answer these questions, but the Empowering Tools can help you more easily get to the answers.



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These tools were created with healing in mind

Keep these (digital or print) cards handy to remind you of how to use the Empowering Tools during a difficult trigger.

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If you're looking for useful tips and detailed methods for coping with the aftereffects of gaslighting, you'll find them here.

These resources have been curated by specialists, experts, and other survivors who want you to have every possible avenue for reclaiming your life.

So, what are these tools and how can they help? Created by a coalition of therapists and survivors, the tools offer methods for healing and recovery.

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"The first episode I listened to touched me so deeply- it was healing and nourishing in ways I never expected; I started bawling at my work space and my heart felt light afterwards.... Listen if you’ve ever experienced a toxic anything!"

Emma, Reclaimers Listener

"Healing & Nourishing"

I am not the type to enjoy a podcast as a story, but I can't stop listening to Rose's story. I lived her life. And all the sadness feels bearable when I hear her say that she feels like she can heal.

June, Reclaimers Listener

"The sadness feels bearable"

The Reclaimers is not your usual podcast. It's complex, imaginative, 
well-written, thought-provoking.

Scott Taylor, Reviewer & Listener

"Not your usual podcast"