CHARACTER: Senator Dawn Alcorn

Senator Alcorn has been the principle political supporter of the Justice Reform and procuring the funding for The Haven. After a time at Harvard as a guest Professor (where she met Persy), she accepted a role as Senator after her husband’s death vacated the seat. Since then, she’s been a passionate, vocal member of the Senate, winning re-election many times. While her early work in Psychology gave her a foundation of understanding for the needs of survivors, Senator Alcorn has a widespread reputation for her clever-yet-softpoken lobbying tactics.

PLAYED BY: Lori Schoonmaker Rees

Lori has been an artist her whole life, from her first line ever, “How, Quaint!” in the elementary school program about patriotism. Since then, Lori created skits in her living room and radio shows on cassette tapes with the neighborhood kids. She earned her BA in Musical Theatre from WSU.
Lori’s favorite roles include, Marie Antionette in Marie Antoinette, Fosca in Passion, Miss Skillon, See How They Run, the Witch in Into the Woods, and was featured as Donna Sheridan in Mamma Mia. When she's not on stage, Lori enjoys skiing, cooking, and spending time with her family. She is also a talented cake designer, creating beautiful and artful cakes for special occasions.

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