CHARACTER: Bradford Benedict (Ben)

Ben is a brilliant DC lawyer. After he earned his JD from Yale Law, he went on to become partner in his own DC firm within the first 8 years of his career. Since he’s represented so many famed politicians and C-Level Executives, he’s well connected. His political involvement includes funding many Senatorial campaign. He’s also a family friend of Senator Alcorn, Chair of the Justice Reformation Committee. As well-connected and educated as he is, Ben’s story of abuse by a business partner illustrates that emotional abuse can happen to anyone, in any situation.

PLAYED BY: Thaddeus Weiland

Thad caught the performing bug in the 3rd grade when he was cast as Uncle Sam in his elementary school’s ‘America the Beautiful’ program. He’s been acting and singing ever since. When he’s not performing, he runs his own little real estate brokerage making people laugh while going through one of life’s major stresses. He met the most intelligent and beautiful woman in the world on stage. They’re doing their best raising two phenomenal teenagers, one goofy big young dog, and one mean little old dog.

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What do you hope people will get from listening? 
Thaddeus's Answer:
Hope. And, perhaps, the courage to get themselves out of an abusive relationship.