CHARACTER: Truman Guthrie

Truman is a new intake who brings a keen emotional intelligence and years of experience as an Addiction Recovery Coach with him to recovery. He's eager to use this skills to his advantage and immediately shows his talent for gardening by enlivening and restoring a dormant garden at the Haven. Truman was raised in Greenfield, Indiana and moved to Chicago in his early 20's. He's completed his junior year of college, but dropped out to care for his sister during her divorce.

PLAYED BY: justin lee

Justin has one fantastic wife and four great kids. Beyond his family, he counts his greatest achievement as graduating from high school with honors in P.E. He has been an actor, singer, director, producer, playwright, fight/stunt choreographer, and once founded a theater company. He has also appeared on Swiss Public Television discussing elections in Utah, danced with a belly dancer and her 6-foot snake in Beijing, was invited to be an Abercrombie store model in college, and has gotten stitches from being stabbed by a sword. He’s not sure what he wants to be when he grows up.

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What do you hope people will get from listening? 
Justin's Answer:
Hope. Hope that if other people, even fictional characters, can make it through whatever issue they're having, that the listener can make it too.