CHARACTER: Franklin Guthrie

Corporal Franklin Guthrie was born in Indiana and attended Ball State University before enlisting in the Army to help the reconstruction effort in Russia after the great war. After his time in Russia, Franklin returned to the US, Indiana specifically, to assist his sister with her relocation. He is brother to Truman Guthrie, and they have two sisters: Pearce and Kennedy. Franklin is an engineer at heart and loves taking things apart to create innovative solutions.

PLAYED BY: Christian Lackman

Christian has done a number of stage performances in musical theater, but his acting technically started on stage at anime conventions and off stage doing voices for other performers. He has played the role of ‘Quasimodo’ in The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Solicitor in A Christmas Carol.
Christian is a brilliant D&D DM and loves to spend time with his wonderful puppies.

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What do you hope people will get from listening? 
Christian's Answer:
If listening to this podcast has helped even a single person receive some sort of healing and self worth, then my personal goal is met. If more than one person has reached that desired effect? Well... That's even better.