CHARACTER: jenna price

Jenna is a survivor and escapee of a terrible cult that poses as a religious group. After hearing of the danger to a group of teenage girls in her community, she devised a way to leave the community and save the teenage girls. She is a bit different from other survivors at the Haven in that her abusers have not yet faced trial. She also left the community knowing that her family would shun her as a result. Jenna is already an incredible person, which is all the more surprising, considering that she’s only 18 years old.

PLAYED BY: ariana bagley

Ari has been performing her whole life! You may have seen her at Hale Center Theater (A Christmas Carol, Freaky Friday, Wizard of Oz, My Son Pinocchio) or Desert Star (A White Christmas Story, Calamity Jane, Legally Brunette, Miracle on 42 street). You can also check her out in her families YouTube channel Working With Lemons or in a few local movies. When she is not acting, Ari loves knitting, reading, sleeping, or watching TV.  “Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.” - Emma, 1815

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Ariana Bagley



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