CHARACTER: Westlee Lynn

Westlee is the personal attorney for Senator Dawn Alcorn. Westlee’s firm handles dozens of high profile cases per year. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Westlee completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from UC Berkeley, a Master’s in Public Policy from Duke University, and then, a Juris Doctor from Georgetown Law. Westlee is married to a Smithsonian Curator and has an adopted daughter.

PLAYED BY: Mindi Hansen

Mindi Hansen is especially qualified to play a lawyer since she is one in real life. She also loves sharing her talents in semi-professional productions. Past productions include Mamma Mia, A Christmas Carol, Phantom, and a host of others all over Utah. Mindi also has a Bachelor’s in Music Therapy and a lifelong fascination with all things Psychology. When not in a courtroom or on a stage, you’ll find Mindi spending as much time as possible with her friends and family.

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What do you hope people will get from listening? 
Mindi's Answer:
I hope they will take advantage of the tools that are discussed and demonstrated. I also hope those who have experienced this kind of abuse can recognize themselves in these stories and know that there is a way out.