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6 Unexpected Ways I’ve Healed From Gaslighting
Discusses the topic of gaslighting abuse and how to heal from it.

The 5 Stages of No Contact with a Narcissist
Lists the five stages of going through "no contact" with a narcissist.

A Guide To Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
Provides a guide to recovery and suggests steps that victims can take to heal and move forward. 

Am I Abusive?
Defines different types of abuse and provides examples of each.

How Narcissists Manipulate You
This Article Discusses the topic of manipulation in emotionally abusive relationships with narcissists.

11 Signs You're Being Love Bombed
Reading over this list may help you understand a tricky part of the relationship.

How To Kill A Narcissist
One of the definitive guides on recovery from narcissistic abuse by JH Simon.

 Psychopath Free: Recovering From Abuse
Jackson Mackenzie guides survivors to see that recovery is possible.

How to Spot Narcissistic Abuse
Understand the different aspects of emotional abuse by Darlene Lancer.

POWER: Surviving & Thriving after Abuse
Get clarity about the process of the abuse in this collection by Shahida Arabi.

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Do One Thing Different
This book talks about how making small changes in one's behavior can lead to significant improvements.

Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare
How to devalue and discard the narcissist while supplying yourself.

articles & books

audio & video

apps & courses

Attachment Trauma
Relationship Coach Alan Robarge defies attachment trauma and how its meaning changed over time

Final Discard Stage Of Narcissistic Abuse 
Covers the truth and the misconceptions about being discarded by a narcissist. 

The "Victim" Narcissist
In this video Meredith Miller gives you some pointers on how to tell who is playing the victim.

The Humanitarian Covert Narcissist
Expert on Covert Narcissism Debbie Mirza explains this hidden personality disorder.

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resources in that category.

Click on each tab to see the resources in that category.

articles & books

audio & video

apps & courses

Relationship Hero
An online coaching service that provides relationship advice and support. 

Surviving Economic Abuse
Information on what economic abuse is, warning signs, and steps for seeking help and support.

Use this game to find relief in moments of stress or rumination pain. This is a wonderful way to distract yourself and let your mind rest.

I Am Sober
Use this app to track the number of days you’ve gone no contact (and the benefits you gain each day you stay away from your abuser.)

Use this app to combat loneliness and thought traps after gaslighting.

Use this app to send yourself kind messages to combat the messages your abuser gave you.

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resources in that category.

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