CHARACTER: Trip Andrews

Trip is a Humanities Professor at Johns Hopkins University. He was one of Persy's clients when Persy was wrapping her clinical work for her Ph.D.

PLAYED BY: BEnjamin oldroyd

Ben has been acting since he was a kid, but only in his adult years has he found a love for sharing the stage and telling a story. He has been a part of productions all over Utah and Salt Lake counties, ranging from community to semi professional theater. While he loves straight plays, His heart resides in musical theater and being able to hit those money notes. Besides theater Ben loves hiking, boating, and nothing beats a weekend at Disneyland. 

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What drew you to the podcast? 
Benjamin's Answer:
When asked to participate I was honored to say yes. It is an amazing story, with fantastic people, and the purpose is one founded in love and compassion. Being able to help in the journey to assist people who need an advocate is an amazing opportunity.