CHARACTER: Dr. ASHLey soleil

Ashley is a world-renowned Neurologist, having received her first BS in Biology from Harvard University, her second BS in Heightened Receptor Studies from Johns Hopkins, and completing medical school at Howard University. Her practice spans several locations and her research and treatment methods have led to breakthroughs in Heightened Biology. She met Pheeny during their mutual time at Harvard, they later married and now have two children: Gwen & Zuzu. Ashley provides a breath of solid confidence and is a welcome sounding board for ‘Pheenysodreamy’.

PLAYED BY: Annie ferrin

Annie is thrilled to be collaborating with such a talented team on such an important project. She has been fortunate to be a part of dozens of shows across the valley. Favorite roles include Miss Maudie/Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird, Judy in 9 to 5, Tanya in Mamma Mia, and Mother in Ragtime opposite her husband Shelby as Tateh. A huge thanks to Miss Kate for including me in The Reclaimers family and all my love to S,S,A,X!

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What do you hope people will get from listening? 
Annie's Answer:
I hope this opens listeners eyes to be able to recognize when abuse is happening and have the information and support to be able to do something about it.